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The ideal of a woman – 5 steps

by aboutweeks

The ideal of a woman

Nature gave us the beauty in different ways, bringing us closer to the ideal of a woman. Someone is enough for a pair of strokes with a brush for mascara and a light touch of lipstick, and someone puts a lot of effort to look good.

The ideal of a woman:

Despite how nature generously endowed you, you will always be attractive by observing the simple 5 rules of beauty in order to become the ideal of a woman:

Step 1: Regular removal. The most beautiful and slender legs, the most sensual lips are able to spoil the extra hair. Always remove the fluff over your lip and hair on your feet. The choice of the method of hair removal is for you – for the lips – a trimmer or wax, for the legs – an epalator or cream. You can also read interesting reviews on laser hair removal so that it is already determined exactly which way of removing unwanted hair is suitable for you. Laser hair removal is the most effective method of getting rid of hair, which gives the longest effect.

Step 2: neat manicure and pedicure. The female hand will tell a lot about its owner. The chopped varnish, overgrown cuticle and dirt under the nails will forever ruin the first impression. The beauty of the female leg also largely depends on a good pedicure, and coarse heels and groomed nails on the legs will not give beauty. Regularly make manicure and pedicure and update the varnish, do not let the nails with a mourning ribbon appear under the nails.

Step 3: Clean hair. The French say: “If you look bad, wash your head.»Pure, fluffy hair always looks attractive, while sticky, unpleasantly smelling strands look repulsive. Wash your head in time and do not forget about styling products – a neat hairstyle and shiny hair – the key to your attractiveness.


Step 4: Beautiful eyebrow line. The sweetest face and correct facial features will spoil the groomed eyebrows. The neat eyebrow line, on the contrary, will make the look open and more expressive. Once every two weeks, visit the Master for eyebrow care.

Step 5: Fresh breath and light, pleasant aroma. With close communication with a person, an unpleasant odor from his mouth and from the body will spoil the impression and push the interlocutor. Take care of the oral cavity after each meal, do not forget about refreshing sprays and chewing gum. Shower gels and soap will help the body be clean and pleasantly smell like, and the light aroma of spirits will give you charm.

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