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Hyundai Grandeur is already soon

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Hyundai Grandeur is already soon

According to the Hend Motor Auto Concert, in the second quarter of 2012, updated Grandeur models will go on sale on the Russian market. The new Hyundai Grandeur model has acquired a more powerful radiator grill, which harmoniously combines with LED headlights, the smoothed body lines go into a massive rear bumper, which brings even more representativeness to the face of the novelty even more.

The external dimensions of the new Grandeur have increased. Now its length is 491 cm, width 186 cm, and height is 147 cm. The wheelbase is also increased, which is 284.5 cm, which has a beneficial effect on the size of the salon of the restoral model. By the way, the salon is equipped with a panoramic hatch, driver’s seats with an electric drive adjustment, providing for 14 different provisions. In addition, the seats are dressed in NAPPA leather covers with electric heating.

Under the hood of the updated Hyundai Grandeur, the manufacturer installed 250-a strong, 3-liter engine with direct injection, which interacts with a six-speed automatic gearbox. The engine starts using an electronic key.

The only thing that is still silent about Hend Motor is the price of a new business sedan class.

And here is another automobile company, “Chevrolet”, on the contrary, does not hide the cost of its models from Russian buyers, represented in 2012. In this case, we are talking about a five -door hatchback “Chevrolet Cruse”. The modification of this model in the body “Sedan” managed to gain certain popularity last year.

The basic equipment of the Chevrolet Cruse hatchback is equipped with a 1.6 -liter engine tantamount to 109 horsepower, and a mechanical gearbox. In addition, the car is equipped with frontal airbags, an audio system, an e -okhopakate and ABS. The price of such a minimum equipment is 548 thousand rubles. At the request of the customer for 26 thousand rubles, it will be possible to set the air conditioner, and for another 77 thousand rubles, replace the mechanical gearbox with an automatic.

In addition, the hatchback will also be produced in more “charged” versions of LS and LT, with the corresponding cost of 621 and 720 thousand rubles.

The first cars of the new model will be able to purchase at the end of January 2012, though the color scheme is currently limited by only three colors: silver metallic, black and white. However, the manufacturer promises to significantly expand this spectrum at the end of February.

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