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Anti -corrosion processing of the car body

by aboutweeks

The role of the body in the car is much wider than just the formation of the image of vehicles. In fact, the body is a skeleton that protects the nodes of the vehicle from dirt, dust and unites all units, mechanisms into a single system. This element of the car most often suffers-in an accident, incorrect parking, inept maneuvering in a dense traffic flow, flying out of the wheels of the wheels of the machines moving in front, as well as from the effects of chemicals that our roads are generously sprinkled with; adverse environmental effects. The body repair is considered one of the most expensive, because there are volumetric parts that are expensive, even if these are the spare parts of the Hundai or domestic cars. In addition, bodybuilding bodywork require skills and various equipment.

A special “headache” of all car owners is the fight against corrosion. From the destructive effects of abrasives (ice, dust, sand), neither the paint coating, nor the factory anti -corrosion processing of the bottom. These protective “shells” quickly lose their original properties, and the car begins to simply rust. Therefore, the Hundai service and other automobile number of appeals with this problem is huge.

New anti -corrosion treatment of vehicles is carried out using special zinc -containing compounds. Zinc in such mixtures is in a suspended state. When using the composition, this substance spreads on the surface of the body or bottom and forms a protective film. A similar anticorus can be applied fragmentarily or completely for the entire body.

The most effective drugs of this series are Tectyl Zinc, Nova Bizink, Mack. They process the bottom of the car, welded seams, cavities where moisture and dirt accumulate. To process the hidden areas with anticorus, technological holes are drilled in the back of the vehicle, and in some cases even you have to disassemble some elements of the case for this.

Liquid anticoros are sprayed under large pressure on all sides of the body, and dense anti -corrosion mixtures are applied using a sprayer on the bottom of the car. Both those and others create a thick elastic film that does not roll under no circumstances, does not crack. Anticor, filling all the seams and microcracks of the body, displace moisture from them. They adhere well with metal and do not pass air, water that contribute to the spread of corrosion.

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