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Hyundai “Solaris” 2015 2016

by aboutweeks

Hyundai “Solaris” (Hundai Solaris) was developed by Korean automotive traders for the development of markets for developing states. This model has been produced for Russian consumers since 2011. It is produced in two versions: hatchback with 5 doors and sedan, both with a front-wheel drive transmission. Thanks to the democratic value and the decent quality of the Solyaris options, it has become a real sunlight for domestic motorists – a popular and favorite model.

The South Korean updated in the last model year pleased fans not only by external changes, but the most important thing – by technical filling.

The body shape remained the same, and as a result, its modernization, the consumer received the following additions:

– Stylish headlights,

– new grille for radiator,

– Original bumper with daytime lights.

Hyundai Solarik generator also did not undergo cardinal changes.

Salon updates are not rushing so hard. Mostly, it has replaced the armrests, backlight, plastic with more convenient and high -quality.

Solaris, which was restored, was equipped with heated windshield and a voluminous washing tank, more convenient steering. We can say that the car has adjusted the conditions of Russian realities.

An interesting design innovation was the appearance of multi -colored bodies. To the last color scheme, pearly brown, blue, beige, orange color were added. Hyundai “Solaris” by the updated series underwent the main pleasant technical modernization – the techno supplemented the basic model with a volume of 1.6 liters with new gearboxes for “Solaris” – mechanical and automatic “six -asting”. This design variation of the combination of both types of switching boxes serves to reduce noise and vibration during driving along various roads. The sixth added gear also optimizes fuel consumption.

Hundai Solaris located in the budget segment has a complete set at a very good level. It includes: a rear view camera built into the mirror; Motor start button; Access program without a key, steering heating, LED lights on the front and rear parts of the car, a 6-speed speed switch. Not a single rival of Solaris in a similar category has such equipment.

Of course, this staffing of the updated version of the St. Petersburg “Korean” affected the cost of a car. On average, a model with a more powerful engine and an improved gearbox rose by 60 thousand. rubles.

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