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Anti -radar or radar detector

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Means to combat high -speed violators, traffic police inspectors use a rod, whistle and radar. And the most formidable “weapon” of the inspector is a laser radar or Doppler radio, but there are preliminary warning funds (radar detector), they capture radar radar and withdraw information to the driver in the form of a sound signal or flashing bulbs. You can buy an anti-playar in Rostov in a store legendary.

Radar detector and anti-radar

We will figure out what the anti -player and detector are. And how they work.

Radar detector is a reception station, it captures the radar pulse and notify the driver. Its action applies only to the mood and the radius of captivity. This type of electronic equipment does not have a ban and restrictions on use throughout Russia.

The anti -player is designed to capture and suppress the signal (to which it is configured). That is, the found radiation is captured and its modulation occurs. This device has a ban on use by private individuals, as it has a superpower signal overwhelming others. In Russia, for the use of this device, it is provided for the removal of the apparatus with the application of a fine in the amount of several dozen minimum wages.

Helpful information

The devices, according to the preliminary notification of the driver, sold in the territory of the Russian Federation are radar detectors, but still sometimes they are called anti-radar.

Since the detector has a direct signal function, and the radar of the traffic police of the reverse signal. Then your device can much earlier get data about the post standing ahead than the inspector will be able to measure the speed of the car. After all, it works at a distance of up to 5 km, and the laser device of the traffic police is only at a range of 500-600 m.

In any case, the radar detector, the owners of cars are needed for an advance notification of the driver about the standing post of traffic police in order to prevent a fine for a possible exceeding speed of movement.

Recently, a case spread when the traffic police officers set the traffic police on the roadsides with a camera with a camera, and often they are hidden for some obstacles so that they are practically not possible to see them in advance, in order to avoid the fines that are not necessary for you, we advise you to equip yours The car is a radar detector. Also for your safety, we advise you to purchase a GSM alarm.

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