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The car and its battery are charged correctly

by aboutweeks

The car has long been just a convenient individual vehicle, as Mr. Ford wanted, creating the first car. Now it is a subject of pride and an indicator of high social status for many car owners. In addition, having bought a car of one of the prestigious brands, you can amuse your pride by standing out from a friendly company of your friends or causing the envy of work colleagues. And for fans of the car, almost a lifestyle can become a car tuning, forced engine, installation of luxurious sound and much more associated with an improvement in the appearance or technical characteristics of the machine.

Traditionally, the main part of any machine is the engine, although some say the same thing about the cabin. But there is one small part, without which even the most expensive car sparkling with varnish and hiding under the hood of hundreds of horsepower of a powerful motor, it turns out to be completely useless and real estate waiting for repair. This is a car battery known to each motorist, the main function of which is the engine launch and supply of the light bulbs and machine tools when the motor does not work.

The maintenance of the car battery is quite natural, it should be timely and very thorough, because its durability and reliability in work largely depends on this. Sometimes problems may arise with the battery, which are directly evidenced by, for example, difficulties in starting the engine, dull light of devices and very fast discharge. The very first thing to do is to charge the battery well and completely, using a special charger. And it’s better not to rush to go to the store for a new battery, because resuscitation procedures are likely to bring the battery to a state of full combat readiness.

For resuscitation, we need, of course, a charger. In addition to him, you need to stock up on distilled water, electrolyte and device to measure its density. First you need to check the level of the electrolyte and add to the desired level, if necessary, in each bank. Now you should open traffic jams on battery cans, attach the chargers of the charger and include it in the network. The most important thing when charging is to set the correct value of the charging current equal to ten percent of the battery capacity.

The automobile battery must be charged until the voltage becomes 1.7 – 1.8 volts on each bank. Now you need to check the voltage and density of the electrolyte in each bank and, if necessary, add to the desired level.

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