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Fashionable images with white sneakers

by aboutweeks

Every girl dreams of a pair of shoes suitable for any outfit. The task is difficult, but in principle fulfilling. For a long time, classic black boats were considered a universal model. But in a few years, fashion has not only stepped – she ran ahead. The rhythm of life and views on clothes changed so much that combining with everything and immediately stylists offer… White running shoes. From the category of sports, this shoes have long turned into everyday.

New classic

Why do not white sneakers give up fashion positions for this not the first season? The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules: shoes, first of all, should be comfortable. But the factor of beauty and style at the same time also nobody canceled.

White color is considered as classic as black, so it is suitable for almost any thing. It can be clothes:


with prints;

from denim;


Various models of a coat.

Buying women’s sneakers in Moscow is easiest on the Internet. Today, manufacturers of shoes represent about a dozen white varieties alone. They can differ in height, structure of the sole, the presence of laces and decor. Moreover, with respect to the last point, designers show a crazy fantasy. Silver rivets, applique from contrasting skin color, embroidery, sparkles and even bows are used.

What are sneakers: a delicious model for the city

One of the most popular types of sneakers today is the so -called sneakers. They are distinguished by a high, massive upper part. Because of it, this model is also called sneakers on the wedge.

“Crossbowing” wardrobe

Here are a few images that can already be called basic:

In the style of casual. This selection will include jeans (better tightening), tops and t -shirts with prints and inscriptions, long cardigans and pulver.

Sports. The most obvious bow is for those who have not forgotten that sneakers are still sports shoes. Leggings (spring or autumn) or shorts (in the summer) are suitable here. The top is needed voluminous – windbreaker or yellow vest (for example, yellow or pink).

Office. Standard business dress code does not accept sports shoes. But for white sneakers, you can make an exception. They look best with a laconic suit -two – black, without a pattern.

Romantic. Of course, with an evening dress, you will not wear sneakers. But with a long chiffon skirt or a dress of medium length in a flower, they are combined remarkably.

Which of these options will become your business card? Decide for yourself: stand in front of the mirror and proceed to fashion experiments!

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