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Moscow hotels for motorists

by aboutweeks

Arriving by car to Moscow, you should certainly turn your attention to hotels located directly in the business center of the capital. This is very convenient for motorists who arrived in the city for a short while, and the attractions of the white stone are not the main purpose of the trip for them. In addition, there is no need to look for the right hotel on the territory of the metropolis for a long time, you can use the navigator (unless, of course, there is one in your car). Another advantage of the presence of a personal vehicle is not to spend money on a taxi.

Although the passenger water post is no longer paid to former attention from the city authorities, yet the River Station Hotel is in high demand among many foreign and domestic tourists. The hotel is quite comfortable and relatively inexpensive. The capital cannot boast of passenger transport transportation in the Moscow River, but tourist walks are invariably popular and in demand. Hotels at the River Station are distinguished by democratic prices and convenience of accessibility to the center of Moscow. The hotel will be a very convenient place for you if you are on a tourist trip, or just want to settle in a very pleasant and comfortable (but relatively inexpensive) hotel.

For real acquaintance with Moscow, you simply must settle within the central district of the city. To carry out this task, you need to book hotels near the Red Gate metro station, which are fully able to satisfy the requirements: are located in the center of Moscow, are located near many historical attractions. These hotels have completely different price categories. It is worth adding that the cost of these hotels is slightly higher than the cost of hotels located on the outskirts of the city, which is a natural and logical circumstance. However, having settled precisely in the central part of the city, you will thus save yourself from tiring trips on the subway or in a trolleybus, excluding the opportunity to get lost in the metropolis. In addition, it is necessary to remember that you will live in the very center of cultural and night Moscow.

Hotels located near the Red Gate metro station offer different services to their customers. Acquaintance with neat modern hotels will undoubtedly be remembered for both student groups and young people who came to the capital to make new friends.

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