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Austin Healy 3000 1959 1967

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Initially, the “big” “Healy” was called “Healy 100” and was first represented by the public at the Earls Court car dealership in 1952, after which this model was hastily acquired by the Navy company, which continued to release it already as “Austin Healey 100”. The car was equipped with a 2.6 -liter four -cylinder engine, borrowed from the Austin Atlantic model. The bodies of the body were produced by Jensen in West Bromvich, in the central part of England, and the assembly was carried out at the MG plant in Ebingdon (Oxfordshire County). “Hili” could not be called a well -thought -out car in technical terms: it was equipped with separate chassis, and an uncertain rear bridge attached to semi -elliptical leaf springs.

The long -awaited success came after the creation of the Austin Healy 3000 MKI model in 1959 with a three -liter engine. The that did not change the outwardly beautiful double car with a small clearance was equipped with a new engine of 2912 cm3, which had a power of 124 liters. With. The speed increased to 183 km/h, and the new front disc brakes provided large brake efforts. In 1961, the Navy released the new Austin Midi model, the engine power with a three -chamber SU carburetor increased to 132 liters. With. A year later, the following model “Mkiia” appeared with rising glasses curved by windshield and normally, to the end, a leaning top. From this moment on, cars were produced only with four seats, and, in addition, it was easy to recognize them by a curved radiator grill.

Austin Healy 3000 Best in Britain

The last and best in its series was the MKIII model of 1964; The engine ventilation has been improved with a capacity of 148 liters. C, and the maximum speed was 193 km/h. In addition, an amplifier of the brakes was installed, and a slightly elaborate wooden dashboard was an interesting detail of the interior of the car, not quite corresponding to its “rough” general appearance and reputation as a high -speed car.

North America has always been considered the largest market for cars and, ultimately, it was on the basis of the inconsistency of the machine to security standards established by American legislation that the production of the Austin Healy 3000 model was discontinued in 1967. After that, the Navy replaced it with the new MGC model, which turned out to be much less successful. In addition, the myth of the rudeness and uncontested of the machine did not fully correspond to reality, at least this concerns the latest version of the car. To this day, this model remains one of the most popular British sports cars of the 60s.

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