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Ethnic -style interior

by aboutweeks

Today, an ethnic style for interior design is used quite often and is considered one of the most common design styles. The thing is that the ethnic style of interior design implies the use of various national motives.

The essence of the ethnic style is reduced to emphasis in the interior, with the help of certain ethnic decorative elements, to belongs to a certain national style. Today, Japanese or Scandinavian, Russian or English design style is used to design designer interiors.

Of course, each ethnic direction has its own characteristics, but regardless of what the interior decorates, carved massive furniture or openwork mirrors to order, the national note should be traced in the style. For example, low furniture and limited space diluted with lattice sliding doors and hieroglyphs may indicate a Japanese or Chinese style of interior design.

Ethnic style, these are, first of all, folklore elements in the interior indicating territorial affiliation. If masks or other exotic elements are ideal for rooms in the African style, then the German style can complement color stained -glass windows, since the cutting of glass and its design in German artisans have always turned out to be exquisite and excellent quality.

The ethnic style must observe the identity and national traditions of a certain geographical direction. But, if a person really wants to design his interior in an ethnic style, then he may not limit his imagination. For example, to create an interior in the Italian style and enjoy it, it is enough to make it as Italian as you imagine Italy, by analogy you can talk about other areas of ethnic style.

To decorate the interior in national traditions, you need to select not wallpaper or flooring, but decorating details. Many curtains, furniture, dishes or other elements mean a lot in the interior. However, all elements in an ethnic interior should be harmoniously combined with each other.

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