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Jaguar XJ6 1968

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Having released the Jaguar XJ6 model in 1968, Jaguar, in the design of this car, combined standards of comfortable and fast driving, excellent control and course stability – quality, which until then it was considered impossible to combine in a car of increased comfort – which allowed him to overshadow the best in Europe, the models and set the tone for the next 20 years.

In one fellow, the head of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons, changed the idea of ​​a car of increased comfort, not radically new concepts – “Jaguar XJ” was a regular car with an engine located in its front, rear -wheel drive and suspension on twisted springs – and perfectly configured already existing equipment. With wide tires specially designed for the model, Dunlop, this new British world-class car surpassed the model of the same Jaguar E-Tour and boasted a more smooth and quiet ride than Rolls-Royis.

Cute Jaguar XJ6

He was also the most beautiful representative of the representative class in the world, with cat habits and organic muscles, which turned out to be surprisingly durable: the latest cars of the Jaguar XJ representative with the V-shaped twelve-cylinder engine were produced in 1991 and looked much more attractive than more attractive than New “Jaguar XJ40”.

Initially equipped with a trusted six -cylinder engine, the V -shaped twelve -cylinder was developed only in 1972 – most Jaguar XJ machines were carried out with an automatic transmission, all the steering was used with an amplifier, and in addition, the Jaguar company produced several models, equipped with a 2.8 -liter short -flowing engine with the aim of bypassing European tax laws.

Fragile jaguar xj

They were not very reliable and are rare today. Like all previous models, Jaguar, Jaguar XJ was a rather cheap car, and often its price was less than half the cost of the Mercedes closest in quality. Since in the early 70s, production volumes increased, new versions began to be created on the basis of the four-door Jaguar XJ: the unchanging Loblanelous Daimler, the short-lived compartment “Jaguar XJC” (complete with the vinyl roof), cars with a long wheelbase and V- V- V- V- V- V- figurative duodenal engine.

The company “Jaguar” was discussed after its sensational success in 1984. In North America, the models of the Jaguar brand, led by the 15-year-old Jaguar XJ6, beat all trading records and began to bring a huge profit, which allowed Yaguar to continue to develop and begin to develop the next model.

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