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The final version of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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The Japanese Mitsubishi Automobile Producer at the tuning exhibition, which will be held in Tokyo, plans to show a new version of its popular model of the sports car of the Lancer Evolution brand. In addition, the Japanese Auto Concert will show the modified versions of other manufactured models.

The new modification of the popular sedan is called the Lancer Evolution X Final Edition Concept, which reflects that the novelty belongs to the 10th generation of these dynamic models.

Earlier information was extended that Mitsubishi in 2015 is going to remove the sports version of the Lancer model from the conveyor. At the same time, there is no new car to replace this model yet. Perhaps in the near future, instead of this machine, the release of a hybrid SUV will begin, but Mitsubishi representatives have not yet reported accurate information about the new model.

According to experts, the latest version of Lancer Evolution is based on GSR modification. Moreover, the novelty differs in the presence of a more powerful engine. It was possible to achieve the power by installing a special version of the turbocharger from HKS, as well as by finalizing the system of both inlet and release. The power of the boost engine of this model with a volume of two liters instead of standard 296 liters.With. now reaches 480 liters.With.

It can be added that the tenth -generation power unit of the Lancer Evolution sedan is equipped with a reprogrammed control unit, as well as a modified cooling system. The new model has a customizable suspension called HKS Hipermax Max4 SP with the possibility of changing, both rigidity and the height of the machine, as well as a black spoiler and forged disks of RAYS, which provide Yokohama tires with a size of 19 inches.

It is important to note that Mitsubishi, before you remove the model from the conveyor, can prepare special small series of Lancer Evolution cars for those countries where this sports car was in good demand. Already announced the imminent issue of versions for markets for the USA and Great Britain.

Also at the future tuning exhibition, the Mitsubishi Automobile Producer will also show the hybrid outlander Phev Sports Style Edition: Concept-B, equipped with a sports suspension of the HKS brand, and the original minivan Delica D: 5, and KAY CARE EK Space G-Tone Style . A rally version of the Outlander hybrid SUV can also be presented.

All this can attract the attention of many potential buyers to cars produced by the Japanese Auto Concert Mitsubishi.

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