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The main accents of the summer image 2016

by aboutweeks

As soon as the first spring warm rays appear and delicate snowdrops bloom, the fair sex begins to think about the nearby coming of the summer. Summer is the most wonderful time of the year, the time of adventure and joy, the time of love and inspiration. Summer smells of the sea, flowers, barbecue and ripe fruits. No wonder they sing in a famous song: “Summer is a little life …”

Any fashionista wants to look stylish, fashionable and sexy, regardless of what event is going to go to. The main goal is to choose an actual outfit and emphasize your image, waist and legs. Not all accents in 2016 will become new, some strokes will remain unchanged from that summer.

Saturation and rich palette of colors The motto of this summer. The riot of colors is the cause of a positive mood and a surge of emotions. The main fashion accent deserved the following colors: yellow and blue, green and purple, also turquoise and emerald. Pearl, coral, mint shades did not go unnoticed. On well -known catwalks, models with large colors were marked, as well as pea. The small floral ornament is now not in trend. In the summer image of 2016, the details of the images are modest, there are no tight -fitting dresses, and free cut is highly appreciated. Dresses resembling a bag and models with a large number of bows, stumps, and folds are very popular, which was relevant that season. As for the bows, they should be located at the waist. In some women, the waist is a problem area, so this attribute will be a rescue. The location of the folds on the dress can be anything, the main thing at an angle, and they can be completely different sizes. Steering steel decorated with leather products and satin models.

The summer image of 2016 must contain an unusual neckline, a large drawing, original embroidery, or a thing with an emphasis on the back. From the images for every day you can highlight juicy things of spacious cut, as well as a dress with a collar, a dress in the style of safari. Such models will always become in demand.

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