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Honda CR V 2013

by aboutweeks

The 2013 Honda CR-V crosser is the fourth generation of this model range. The new car retained the main features of its predecessors, although it has its own distinctive features.

The front part is decorated with a false car with a radiator grille consisting of three chrome crossbars. Lighting equipment is made in the form of beautiful blocks with stripes of running lights on LEDs. The front bumper is combined with a powerful cross -over body kit and is one with it. There are also installed fog lights of high power. There is a plastic protection that covers the edges of the bumper, the arches of the wheels, the doors and the thresholds along the entire perimeter of the lower part of the body.

The new crossover received a more dynamic profile, thanks to additions to the construction of the body. The general form is complemented by the arches of the wheels of large sizes and the wavy stamping in the side body parts.

The back of the car is beautifully decorated with a rectangular baggage door door. The final completion is given by overall lanterns made in the form of columns. The wheels can be equipped with alloy discs for 17, 18 and 19 inches.

The salon of the new crossover pleases with a high level of design and comfort. The driver’s chair is quite dense, with lateral support, holding the driver on corners. A large number of adjustments of the driver’s seat and steering wheel allow them to fit them for a driver of any complexion. The painting of the front of the cabin complements the panel of the instruments of improved configuration, where all the necessary screens and devices are located. For passengers of the rear seat, the necessary level of comfort is also provided. The trunk size has become 589 liters, its door is equipped with an electric drive. For decoration, high-quality and expensive materials were used, which, in addition to aesthetic functions, create a normal level of sound and noise insulation.

A modified suspension is installed on the Honda CR-V car. The steering hydraulic power control is replaced by an electric power. On different models, the front or all -wheel drive will be installed. All this made it possible to significantly improve the running qualities of the SUV.

Three engines options can be installed on the crossover – turbodiesel and gasoline. Their average power is 150 liters.With. Acceleration to one hundred kilometers is performed in more than 12 seconds, which is quite normal for an SUV.

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