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Audi RS6 – Auto review

by aboutweeks

The German famous and very successful Audi automobile company was created in 1909. The company showed its first car next year.

The German famous and very successful Audi automobile company was created in 1909. The company showed its first car next year. Then the first model of the company had a volume of 2.6 liters and a maximum capacity of 22 horsepower. And after the war, already the first passenger car was created in 1950 and it was famous DKW. Recall that until 1962, these vehicles began to be produced in the city of Dusseldorf.

The concern begins to release different supercars only since 1970. The first models that the German concern supplied in the USA were Audi Super 90 and Audi 100 brands. Audi 80 universal car in the United States is still sold since 1973. But the full drive sports coupe Audi Quatro was shown in Geneva.

Since 1981, Audi cars began to demonstrate in Australia. They started their debut in races and in the same year they became a sensation of this famous rally. Audi 80 Croat from the assembly line left precisely in 1982. A car based on the famous model Audi 100 Avant Kvatro was first shown Audi Duo in Geneva in 1990. Then it was still possible to rent cars. If you want to choose some kind of model today, then we want to note that car rental is here.

The new Audi RS6 is not much inferior to the power of the model of its predecessor and at the same time it is much faster than it. We went to Bavaria, to the homeland of Audi. The front bumper looks very powerful, the wings are slightly expanded and there is a spoiler on the roof. 20-inch wheels and huge tires, even from far away the car looks impressive.

Compared to him, Audi Avant looks like a thin beginner of the rocking chair next to a huge bodybuilder. The main difference between a car and their predecessors, not counting external changes, is an enhanced power unit. There is another pleasant innovation, namely a pneumatic suspension. This gorgeous seemingly car will delight its master not only with its appearance, but also with its power and speed. Audi has always competed with such auto giants as BMW and Mercedes. The magnificent interior is finished made of high -quality materials, the front control panel attracts attention, where everything looks gorgeous. Multimedia system with high -quality touch screen. The entire interior is just teeming with electronics. But it’s not possible to talk about the chairs, it’s just worth it and you don’t want to leave the salon.

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