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The main rules of LPG massage

by aboutweeks

Many patients are deeply confident that LPG massage is a rather painful procedure, almost as removal of appendicitis without anesthesia. A friend told someone like that, someone read forums on the Internet. After which they think, the more painful and more bruises are more painful, the more effective the procedure. In fact, everything is far from the case, we will consider the main rules and recommendations of LPG massage.

1. First of all, massage should occur without pain! There can only be a little discomfort in some areas, which is individual for everyone. This should be immediately informed by the specialist, he, in turn, will reduce the intensity in these zones or change the massage mode. Since for pain zones there is a special mode “Painfull Area”. Remember, pain does not improve the effect of LPG massage. Thus, you can make the first rule of the LPG process: the massage should be painless if you feel discomfort, and the specialist does not do anything, you should leave such a salon.

2. After the LPG procedures, in which case there should not be bruises on the body. Only small rednesses in special areas are allowed. Why bruises are bad? Because there is a great probability of the appearance of a vascular cell in their place. That is, the second rule is the absence of bruises.

3. LPG is not carried out on the surface of the lower leg. There is no cellulite there, but there are different specialists who manage to look for him there.

4. LPG massage, like all other physiotherapeutic procedures, can only be carried out with good health and only to house -wide equipment, previous among reliable suppliers of which the main profile of which is the sale of LPG – equipment. That is, if you were sick, took antibiotics and other drugs, before the massage course should take at least two to three weeks from recovery. The procedure is strictly prohibited in the following cases: pregnancy, disease of the circulatory system, heart disease. From this, a good specialist will ask about everything above before the procedure, and if not, then you should think.

The effectiveness of massage depends on many reasons. Someone has an amazing result, others have practically no. Here are a few recommendations to increase efficiency:

• Drink a lot of water throughout the course, at least two liters per day. This is due to increased fluid loss due. In general, remember the rule, before each trip to the toilet, be sure to drink a glass of water.

• NOT eat before and after procedures.

• There is less sweet and salty.

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