Sunday, July 14, 2024
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by aboutweeks

For the first time, rumors about the possible M235I appeared after the BMW introduced the M135I concept car at the Geneva Motor Show.

It was obvious that the Bavarian car manufacturer, changing his nomenclature, would bring to the market a two -door compartment M235i.

Until today we had only rumors and speculations. But now we have the first photos of this car, which was tracked by photographers that made the Protra Antiqua advertising shooting during test tests at the Nurgurgring Avtodrome. As expected, the prototype is greatly disguised, but it is quite obvious that outwardly it will be very similar to other models from M-family.

Under the hood, according to the last rumors, we will see the same engine that we saw in the concept frame M135i. Recall that it was a line six -cylinder power plant with the proprietary technology of M Performance Twin Power Turbo, which produces more than 300 horsepower. The car will also receive rear -wheel drive and suspension sports settings.

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