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Subaru released a video about Subaru Brz

by aboutweeks

Subaru released a video in which Subaru Brz is talking about 20 minutes.

The company considered it necessary to explain the development of the car in two clips that were posted on YouTube. We are sure that the patriots of the Subaru brand will like it.

The video affects the low center of gravity of the car, the new platform, the 2.0-liter engine, the suspension, the steering, and the new tires for better handling. All this is so that, as Subaru representatives say, "have a pure delight of driving".

The Subaru BRZ car was developed together with Toyota and took up techniques such as a low price, a sports body and a frisky engine.

Atmospheric engine with four cylinders in Subaru Brz develops 200 liters.With. and 151 nm torque. This car weighs only 1256 kg and has a double transverse suspension lever.

BRZ is already available in some Subaru dealerships, but their reserves are still limited.

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