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The history of the rental of a car

by aboutweeks

Nowadays, it is unlikely that someone is surprised by such a service as car rental. And this is not surprising, because thousands of agencies that provide the opportunity to use the rented vehicle are scattered throughout the globe. An excellent service has been created for consumers, and today few people think about how it all began. So, in this article I would like to talk about the sources of car rental.

To begin with, Joe Saunders is a person who can be called the father of a car rental. It was he who for the first time in 1916 leased a Ford T car in Nebraska, USA. Thus, the owner of the car repair shop discovered an additional source of income. In order to tariff, Saunders fixed the run counter at the front wheels of the car. He felt a gold mine in this type of services, and the car rental began its active development.

The low rent at that time amounted to only 10 cents per mile, and by 1925, Saunders was able to open about 25 rental rental stations in many US states. And, it would seem, success was guaranteed to him, but in 1929. The Great Depression intervened and Sounders became bankrupt.

In parallel with this story, the business of Walter Jacobes developed. A few years before the beginning of the Great Depression, Jacobs sold his company to John Hertz, who was the owner of the Yellow Cab. Hurtsu really liked the idea of ​​rental, and this type of service was allocated as a separate direction. Thanks to this today, Hertz is one of the most successful car rental firms. It has more than 5,000 rental points of various brands.

The rise of the rolling business fell at the end of the II World War II. After its end, many companies providing such services were founded, and today most of them are a huge success. Very quickly, car rental has spread around the world and today it is difficult to find a state in which this activity would not be widespread.

The service of rolling agencies gradually developed: services such as car rental without collateral and urgent rent have appeared. Cars began to be insured, expensive exclusive cars of the car appeared in rolling agencies. This type of business was more and more in demand due to its exceptional convenience. Already in the 1980-90s. In Western countries, it was developed so much that it was no more difficult to rent a car than renting a hotel room.

In conclusion, I would like to say that car rental is a very convenient, profitable and simple service. Use it and be mobile!

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