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Volvo models will be shown in Geneva

by aboutweeks

Volvo will roll out several of its cars at the Geneva Motor Show. Five of the seven models are significantly redesigned, this is the S80, XC70, S60, V60 and XC60 Model.

We already wrote about what awaits the Volvo model in the future. It is time to see these changes with their own eyes, on the auto exhibition in Geneva. Delivery of cargo from Europe, in t.h. Cars are not fast and requires a certain preparation, but we are sure that the specialists from Volvo took care of this in advance.

Changes in Volvo models


The full size of the Volvo S80 sedan will receive a number of new external strokes, including the new front and rear bumper, which are designed to emphasize the width of the car. New daily running lights are located in front of the bumper, while classic rounded lanterns decorate the back.

Leather seats were made in Scotland and they are very convenient and functional. Buyers will receive a comfortable suspension to choose from, or a sporty underestimated with 19-inch wheels to choose from.


Volvo XC70 receives daytime running lights like S80. He also receives a new grille of a radiator with wider proportions and a large logo. Additions to the SUV include protective plates and new rear lights.


Volvo S60 receives the same updates as the S80, including daytime running lights and a processed radiator grille. New colors will be offered inside, as well as new surfaces upholstery and wooden inserts. S60 can go with a suspension sport, tourism or speaker.


The XC60 crossover will receive a new hood, headlights and a radiator grille. Inside, buyers will find a new wooden finish and fabric coating, as well as a new silk finish of metal frames around the ducts.

All Volvo models are equipped with a new information and entertainment system of the company, Sensus, which uses a 7-inch touch-tank display of the car to display information that can be used with winter gloves.

So added to all models the backlighting of the cup holders, cargo compartments and the backlight in the lower edge of the door when it is opened. For cold regions, the Swedes offer heating the steering wheel and windshield along with heating seats.

As in all Volvo models, the choice of security functions are standard, including the discovery of pedestrians with the automatic braking function, which is looking for people walking along the path of car movement.

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