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Changes in OSAGO

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Changes in OSAGO

Changes to OSAGO (compulsory insurance of auto -citizenship) make it possible to settle some issues at the accidents without attracting the traffic police.

Up to 50 thousand rubles will be some payments related to Europrotocol, this is a double increase.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports that under the new amendments of the OSAGO Law, part one, starting from the second of August, will be 50 thousand rubles, and before the limit was 25 thousand. In Russia, this law has already entered into force.

The Europrotocol is the design and settlement of an accident without the participation of traffic police officers. In the case of a traffic accident, where two cars became participants, and if both drivers have insurance insurance, and have no disagreements for the accident, they can calmly leave, without attracting the traffic police, but they must at the same time make a notice of the accident, which is attached to the OSAGO document. An important point is that it should be done if you know completely that the costs of car repair will not be more than payments of the above limit of the Europrotokol. These changes in the law relate to those agreements that will be after the second of August.

It is expected that such a two-time increase in the amount of the limit can appeal to drivers, and they will have more opportunities to apply simplified design, and is complete without traffic police and unnecessary congestion on the roads, due to trifles. Very often, drivers were not sure of that payment for normal repairs and therefore did not want to solve the problem on Europrotocol. Also, insurers, experts suggest, pay without much desire, cases of a simplified nature.

Since October 1 in the Moscow region and in Moscow, as well as in the Leningrad Region and in St. Petersburg, an experiment will start by which the payment of Europrotokol will be in the zone of the OSAGO limit. In this case, payments related to damage to a material nature have reached 400 thousand rubles, while now they are 120 thousand.

As soon as this law is in action, on occasion of the accident, participants in such an accident who want to quickly solve the issue without the traffic police, are obliged to collect all the data themselves: photos, videos, information from the satellite systems and all other circumstances and all this to give insurers without missing five days after the accident.

The next change in OSAGO concerns the case when the victim from an accident asks for payment in his insurance company, and not from the insurers of the culprit of the accident – that is, in case of direct compensation for damage.

Before that, there were times when two cars insured by compulsory motor liability insurance were damaged in the accident. In this case, the owner of the car himself could decide who to go his own or stranger insurer. And for these reasons it was so, judging by the loss and damage of the car, the insurers sometimes tried to leave an easy case, and tried to get rid of customers with more severe damage, sending them to the guilty insurers. It was because of this that there were amendments to the law.

It should be noted that these changes can also relate to those points of compulsory motor liability insurance that are already in action:

From the second of August, every victim from the accident can only contact his insurance agent, even if his policy was bought 10 months ago. But if the statement came to insurers of the guilty, even before the above changes, then it should be considered as before.

President of the Russian Auto Insurance Union Pavel Bunin notes that this introduction by direct compensation for losses, improves quality and must improve the OSAGO service, since insurers are of interest in providing customers with the best conditions.

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