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Peugeot brand machines always stand out in the stream with their forms. And from the model range, it is worth talking separately about Peugeot 308.

When looking at him, it seems that in front of you is a small French servant boy, ready to fulfill all your desires. However, at the wheel of a ridiculous boy, he turns into a full -fledged man with a character, ready to set the heat with “Japanese robots” and “German hard workers”.

Small golf-class cars became popular in the Russian market due to its reliability. Peugeot began its way with the 206th model, which smoothly flowed into the 207th, then in the 307th, and then transferred the leadership of the 308th. And it was the 308th that was able to combine everything that is necessary for comfort and reliability on Russian roads.

When examined, an original radiator grille and a large bumper are immediately striking. A sort of “smile” has become a branded difference between the French car, for which they love it and hate it. Instead of standard round foglights – narrow curly headlights on both sides of the “grin”, and simple headlights of the “cosmic” shape.

The entire body and forms are made in Peugeot style: smooth transitions without sharp details.

Despite the fact that outside the car does not look so big, even tall and not thin people are enough inside the place. It seems that French workers painstakingly worked on every trifle. The front seats are regulated in all directions, have three -level heating, the position of the steering wheel is adjusted, which is especially convenient for miniature girls.

Built -in radio with elementary control, and specifically for the driver on the steering wheel, control over music was made so as not to reach forward and not be distracted from the road (multi -sorceress). The rear passengers also thought out their amenities. In general, the place is designed for three, but the most comfortable there will be two – a soft armrest is taken out of the back, inside of which there are compartments for sandwiches and glasses. It is also worth noting the pockets of the pockets in the doorway, electric windows, a glove compartment with many compartments, visors with mirrors and backlight, an adjustable armrest of a driver with an interior compartment, climate control, etc.D.

In the process of evolution of the external and internal species, the creators worked on technical characteristics. This means that the car has become quieter, stronger and tougher. The harsh pendant evokes thoughts about sportsmen, the quiet rumbling of the motor relaxes, and the lack of noise from the street at high speed lifts this car in the eyes of customers already on a test drive. The car will not let you even on bad roads, and will not make you knock on the pits.

Acceleration to a hundred is exactly 10 seconds. The engine power is 120 horsepower, the volume is 1.6; The maximum speed is 6500, the “cutter” is followed by. When accelerating to 150-170, the car confidently behaves on the road, does not wag and does not hang out. And if you do not want to press the pedals and accelerate, then at your disposal cruise control. In principle, the 308th is so convenient and smooth in control that there is no such desire to ditch the pedal to the floor and check the car for speed. Pleasure is obtained from the very driving and comfort around.

The price of the basic configuration is 660,000 rubles, but you should not think that such a version will suit you. The company provides many paid separate options for the convenience of connected in some trim levels, and they can be so for beauty, and the benefits. Very many agree to pay even for a beautiful, but, in principle, a useless panoramic roof.

It is worth noting that the 308th has achieved popularity in the market more than the Peugeot business class. After all, it equally combines all the characteristics for which it really is not a pity to give money.

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