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Sunbeam Tiger 1964 1968

by aboutweeks

“Sunbeam Tiger”, represented in 1964, in essence, was the same open beauty “Alpine” of 1959, only equipped not by a four-cylinder V-shaped engine, but an eight-cylinder. The Sunbeam Alpine model appeared in the Sunbeam catalogs in 1953, but at first it was to be called Sunbeam 90. The name “Alpine” appeared after a team victory in the alpine rally in 1948 and 1952. With a four -cylinder engine of 1494 cm3, it was possible to raise the power to 93 liters. C, but this was not enough for enthusiasts of fast driving. Then it was decided to replace the engine in Sunbeam Tiger. As in the case of AS Cobra, the initial engineering development was performed by the American Carol Shelby, however, the subsidiary of Ruth was carried out by the entire subsequent refinement. The low-power four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1592 cm3 disappeared, giving way to the Fordovsky V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with a volume of 4.2 liters. A perfect four -speed gearbox with an enhanced main transmission appeared for that time.

A more overall engine required a wide modernization of all nodes located under the hood of the car, as well as strengthening the body itself. The Ruth company did not turn off the established serial production of Alpina and begin the release of the new model, but brought it to the manufacture of Jensen, signing the corresponding contract with the company. Jensen, located nearby, in West Bromvich, in West Midland, was known for its powerful models of ST and CVS, equipped with V-shaped eight-cylinder engines.

Sunbeam Tiger Providation – Speed

“Tiger” made a giant jump with 97 liters. With. Up to 164 l. with, which immediately began to differ from the modest “Alpina”, although he looked – except for the corporate icon – just the same.

The maximum speed was 187 km/h, from 0 to 96 km the car accelerated in 9.5 seconds, a huge torque made the gearbox almost unnecessary. However, the Tiger model was intended for experienced motorists, not newcomers: it was not distinguished by high quality REMALICAL DAIGHT, partially hastily worked out, the suspension even with the rod of the panar and sometimes installed by the differential with increased internal friction did not correspond to the engine power in any way. But, despite these shortcomings, the car enjoyed enormous success and was well sold in America. In Britain, it appeared only in 1965.

True, when Kraisler acquired a control package of Ruts shares, the glory of the car began to roll up – the new owners did not want to have a car that uses the engine of their most hated Detroit rival. That is, the fate of Sunbeam Tiger was a foregone conclusion, it was supposed to disappear and disappeared, however, not earlier than 1967-1968, when the Ruth company produced 571 MKII models with a large engine (4.7 liters) by the engine from “Mustang”. This engine option had a wider gear range, the car itself was easily recognized on the road thanks to the lanes on the body and the egg -shaped radiator grille.

Today, these exciting cars are very popular among amateurs of automobile antiquity who see a cheap alternative to the AS COBRA model.

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