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Velvet hands

by aboutweeks

At all times, well -groomed velvet handles were considered the main sign of a real fashionable lady. In order to become a real fashionable lady, you need to constantly take care of your appearance, the most important thing for the condition of the nails. During full -fledged nail care, you need to: – It is good to cleanse the skin of the hands and nails, massage, additionally feed the skin of the hands, restore after the injuries received.

Useful tips:

Everyone who wants to have delicate, velvet skin of the hands is recommended to carry out the procedure of exfoliation using a scrub for hand. In order for the skin of the hands to look velvet, be sure to make useful softening baths, with sweet almond oil. After a useful bath, it is recommended to apply a special healthy almond oil to the skin. Almond oil, contains beneficial ingredients, thanks to which, the skin of the hands will receive additional moisture and nutrition.

Use the cream, it is also necessary for this, for this, at the beginning, apply the oil as soon as it is completely saturated, apply a high -quality nutritious cream with vitamins to the skin. The cream is applied with a thin layer. Nourishing cream with vitamins will provide better hands protection from the harmful effects of the environment. A bath with almond oil and a nourishing cream with vitamins, will help make the skin of the hands of a truly velvety, like a baby.

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