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Hieroglyphs on the nails

by aboutweeks

The hieroglyphs on the nails look quite stylish, make beautiful hieroglyphs on the nails, it has now become very simple and fashionable. Each hieroglyph, which means, can be made different for each nail, hieroglyphs. The necessary hieroglyphs should be used only for their own purposes. Draw hieroglyphs on your nails, those that will help you attract success and luck. Thanks to the necessary hieroglyphs, you can attract good luck. In no case, it is not recommended to apply various hieroglyphs that have completely different characters. Stop your attention on one suitable symbol and draw hieroglyphs on your nails. Another hieroglyph you like, you can wake up next time.

In order to clearly apply the hieroglyph to the nail, you should use a special manicure thin brush. Hieroglyphs are performed with various arcs, droplets, beautiful antennae, as well as strokes.

You can even simplify the hieroglyph. First, draw the hieroglyph with an ordinary helium handle on the nail, wipe it first, a pretty nail with a special alcohol lotion, so the hieroglyph will look clearer. Use best a new helium handle, if you draw a hieroglyph with an old pen, it wakes up enough to portray it, the hieroglyph itself does not wake up accurate. It should be noted that the hieroglyph drawn with a helium pen on the nail may be very quickly erased, so it will be a little careful. When the hieroglyph is completely ready, use a special fixer or a fixer that will help save, made by the hieroglyph intact and safety. Previously, after you finish drawing a hieroglyph, wait a while, let the drawing dry completely. Hieroglyph with beautiful crumbly sparkles will look great on the nails.

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