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Audi A5 Coupe 2016 2017 model year

by aboutweeks

On June on June 2016, Ingolstadt (Germany) was an official show of the new model (second generation) Audi A5 compartment. Autovinka Audi A5 is largely similar to the A4 model (sedan and station wagon): among the common elements, the platform, new engines, LED optics, rich saturation with ultra -modern equipment. However, the appearance of the new A5 compartment looks more sporty, more stylish and charismatic. The design of the body profile, decorated with elegant, but at the same time, strict lines that differ in correct, precisely designed proportions inherent in the classic compartment, is most impressive.

Representatives of Audi AG assure that the auto body body has the best aerodynamic characteristics in their class: there is only 0 aerodynamic resistance coefficient.25 sc. Another feature of the appearance of the body was the presence of a completely LED filling of front headlights and gaman lamps. Although xenon optics are installed in the standard configuration under the ceiling of the front headlights. As an option, you can install the front headlights made using Matrix LED technology, like on senior models from Audi.

The design of the cabin is made in the usual style for German brands. Audi A4 has a similar interior design. Digital, with diagonal 12 is present.3-th inches, instrument panel, corporate multimedia complex, 7 or 8 inch tachcrine. We note the presence of such premium, used in the decoration of materials as aluminum, natural wood, carbon, genuine leather. Having a sports profile, the front seats are equipped with electrical adjustments, functions of massage, heating, ventilation. Excessively defiled, designed for two passengers, seats of the second row. Among modern equipment, adaptive cruise control, which ensures automatically in traffic jams, systems that help to keep the car in the strip and observe blind zones, the system of instant (emergency) inhibition in case of obstacles (pedestrians, trees, other barriers) On the way of movement. A significant part of the installed equipment is offered as options.

Salon compartment A5 will delight its owner with the excellent sound of a premium acoustic system and a solid volume (as many as 465 liters) of the trunk. The transformation of a separate back will make it possible to transport large -sized objects. The trunk lid is equipped with an electric drive. As an option, it is possible to install a non -contact system, using a wave of a leg under the rear bumper, open the trunk lid.

In the engine compartment, turbocharged gasoline engines can be placed (2.0-in liter, 190 forces, 320 Newtonometers; 2.0-in liter, 252-se forces, 370t newtonometers) or diesel turbocharged (2.0-in liter, 190 forces, 400-of newtonometers; 3.0-rhi liter, 218 forces, 400-ton newtonometers; 3.0-ri liter, 286 forces, 620 Newtonometers).

The standard A5 compartment equipment provides for the availability of the front -wheel drive, but as an option you can install a FATTRO all -wheel drive, which uses ULTRA technology that contributes to fuel saving. As additional equipment, you can also install adaptive shock absorbers and capable of adapting to the changing speed of the steering. How another option can be installed steering, which has a change in the transfer number.

As a result, Cupe Audi A5 can be called progressive in many respects a car sealed in a very stylish, attracting attention, packaging.

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