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Hatchback Renault Megane and Kia Ceed – moving towards each other

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French developers traditionally relate to the appearance of produced models with great trepidation. One example is the recent renewal of the famous megane hatchback. First of all, the headlights were restored, now LED lights flaunt them in them. Air intakes became large, almost the entire width of the front bumper. On the exterior, all. What else is needed? The car and before restyling could not complain about the effect of appearance, and small strokes only emphasized its attractiveness. Although, the external design of the Korean car also does not “sew white threads”. The swift lines of the silhouette, elongated lanterns, a constructively complex rear stand, all this advantageously distinguishes the model from the total series of segment cars.

The equipment of the Kia Salon Engineers can be proud. Even in the basic configuration, a well -thought -out ergonomics, high -quality decoration materials, and a huge range of equipment pleasing. In the “top” configuration, chrome and piano varnish are additionally used.

Only massive jumper of the windshield cause complaints, due to which the sightseeing. The rear passenger sofa is very spacious, 3 adults will be freely placed on it. The luggage compartment is roomy, with an organizer, increasing in volume due to the transformation of the rear seats.

In Megane, all these practical charms that are so necessary in the farm are more modest. The volume of the luggage compartment of the car is identical to the Korean opponent, but there are no additional niches in it. The rear seats are also equipped with a transformation function, but in order to lay the backs on the floor, you need to remove the head restraints, and the height of the loading of Megane above.

Otherwise, the rear sofa is not inferior to the CEED analogue, it is also spacious, convenient and comfortable, the center is located in the center, equipped with cup holders. Excessive height of the central tunnel should be noted from complaints.

As for the arrangement of the driver’s workplace, it clearly loses to the Korean hatchback, and most importantly, the inconvenience is an unfinished seat with an excessively flat pillow and back, in which there are no side amplifiers.

Magane is reliable, predictable, stable in maneuvering and arc, with a perfectly configured chassis. The suspension easily and soundly overcomes all road bumps. The “top -end” configuration proposes a gasoline unit (2.0) with a power of 143 forces, functioning in pairs with a variator of the transmission.

KIA hatchback is easier, but the developers did not use this advantage. The car is noticeably slower. Experts believe that the matter is not only in a less powerful power unit that produces 130 forces, the main problem of the formation of failures when acceleration is an automatic checkpoint that works smoothly, but excessively slow, especially at the start.

There are complaints to the chassis. In general, the car is obedient on the highway, tenaciously holds a given course, having a rather informative steering wheel with an electrical improver. But everything is fine, only while the car is moving along a high -quality road surface, the car begins to pump on the off -road, and large road defects can provoke a breakdown of shock absorbers. Moreover, these comments were announced by experts before the restyling of the car, but so far there are no radical changes.

CEED has a catchy exterior, a comfortable interior, many technological innovations, but unfortunately, not the best running properties. Megane is more simple in the cabin, but is fully adapted to domestic roads, which, according to motorists, is a more important advantage.

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