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Alfa Romeo 159 – Sports Sedan d class

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Sedan Alfa Romeo 159 is a car class car with a sports character and an impressive appearance, which will undoubtedly attract attention in the road stream. The presentation of the car took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005, but to date, the model is popular among motorists around the world.

Review is a description

Italian automakers pretty hard on the exterior of the sedan. Smooth elegant lines of the body, a radiator grille in the form of a shield decorated with symbols of the capital of Lombardy – Milan, a long wide hood with three round headlights on each side – all this gives the car simultaneously aggressiveness and elegance.

Sports style can be traced in the salon of the sedan. The main feature of the central console, demonstratively deployed towards the driver, is the presence of turnouts. Devices have an elegant design, information transfers enough. The front seats have a large set of adjustments. To design the internal space of the car, Italians used high -quality materials: soft plastic, leather, natural wood, aluminum.

Already in the basic configuration, Alfa Romeo 159 provides a fairly wide list of options, for example, such as cruise control, 2-band climate control, a key-transmitter, full electric package, BI-Xenon headlights, cast discs, a modern audio system with CD/MP3 and control keys on the steering wheel.

Safety system

The developers paid special attention to the safety system of the sedan, which, according to the results of the tests, EURONCAP received the highest rating – 5 balls. The safety of the driver and passengers is ensured by the design features of the car: the expensive platform, the use of two -phase steels with high strength, the powerful engine base. The ASR, EBD, ABS, FPS, ESP system with Hill Holder, MSR, ISOFIX function, as well as seven airbags, also support high levels of ASR.

Technical equipment

The sedan is built on the basis of GM/Fiat “Premium”. Alpha Romeo 159 offers both front -wheel drive and all -wheel drive modification. A full -wheel drive top version is equipped with a 260 -horsepower engine with a capacity of 3.2 liters or a 2.4 -liter turbocharged five -cylinder diesel engine capable of squeezing 200 “horses”.

Italian automakers also offer a more modest equipment presented by several options for gasoline engines equipped with fuel injection system (JTS). Two sports sedan configurations with a gasoline unit of 1.9 liters paired with a manual box or a capacity of 2.2 liters are available to the Russian motorist.

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