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upcoming Mercedes Benz S Class

by aboutweeks

In any strip show, the closer the completion of the number, the less clothes remain on the dancer. We can see the same thing when the automakers with the approach of the moment of the official debut begin to gradually remove the masking camouflage from their new products.

For more than a year, Mercedes-Benz has been teasing us with prototypes of the new S-Class, which has the code name W222. The Germans even released several photos of the test prototype in November last year to tell us about the technology and innovations of their flagship.

Judging by the percentage of disguised body elements, we can conclude that there is very little time left before the Mercedes-Benz S-Class debut. True, the German automaker is still thinking when to present his “pearl”. Mercedes have two options – in the first half of the year at the show in China or in the second half at the exhibition in Frankfurt.

Regardless of where the machine will be shown, one can say for sure, its external design will not be a surprise to anyone, since the exterior of the new S-Class will be the evolution of the current model.

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