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Plastic surgery – all the pros and cons

by aboutweeks

In recent years, plastic surgery is gaining more and more popularity. And this is not surprising, because every woman wants to be young and healthy. And if in the age of 20 there are enough cosmetic care, then closer to 40 age makes itself felt. It is plastic that helps representatives of the fair sex get rid of unwanted wrinkles, fat deposits and other age -related troubles. But, like any surgical intervention, plastic is associated with certain risks. Therefore, the question arises whether the sheepskin is worth the dressing.

“Beauty Surgery” or how it all began

Many people mistakenly consider plastic surgery the invention of modernity. However, long before this day, people strove for beauty. So, in ancient India they practiced the correction of the nose, and in ancient China performed operations to eliminate the “hare lip”. Of course, that plastic surgery was significantly different from modern. In a separate area of ​​medicine, plastic was isolated in the Renaissance era. In the 14-16th century, plastic was called “Beauty Surgeon”. But even then all the operations ongoing were quite primitive. Modern plastic surgery began to form in the 19th century, when antiseptics and new surgical instruments appeared. Today, all operations of plastic surgery are divided into two types: reconstructive and aesthetic. The former are necessary to eliminate congenital or acquired defects, for example, the consequences of fires and accidents. The second are made at the request of the patient to change anything in his appearance.

The risks of plastic surgery

Despite the fact that plastic surgery is developing rapidly, not all operations have a positive result. Any mistake of the surgeon can lead to unexpected results, as a result of which the patient’s face will change beyond recognition. After some operations, scars may remain, which doctors simply cannot eliminate. It is also worth considering that most plastic surgery require correction after a while. That is, patients should be prepared for additional embezzlement. Thus, pectoral implants must be changed every 8-10 years, if there is no need to do this earlier. In addition, pectoral implants sometimes complicate the examination of the breast, and therefore it is possible to not find the nascent cancer in a timely manner. Facial skin and blepharoplasty also require correction.

Psychotherapist or plastic surgeon

Psychological studies indicate that about 50 % of women who want to make plasticity suffer from loneliness and depression. Many representatives of the fair sex hope that changes in appearance will favorably affect their lives. While in such cases it is more advisable to contact a psychotherapist. Therefore, every woman who wants to change something in herself should talk to this with a psychologist. If you know exactly what you want, and everything is well thought out, you can consult with qualified specialists on the site for free /. You can get answers to all your questions to make a final decision.

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