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Hatchback Mazda 3

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Today, a huge number of foreign and domestic dealers of cars are represented on the Russian market. Buyers are offered many models that differ in price, configuration, opportunities and dozens of other characteristics. The model of Mazda 3 is particularly distinguished among competitors. And this is not surprising, because the car is characterized by high reliability, a stylish design, and also shows itself perfectly on the road.

Let’s start with the main question that is interested in thousands of buyers: how much does Mazda 3, hatchback or sedan cost. The price primarily depends on the configuration of the car. For example, the most affordable new hatchback in the Direct configuration is offered today for official dealers at a price of 664,000 rubles, and the sedan is from 654,000 rubles. In this modification, the machine is equipped with a 1,6-lying engine with a capacity of 105 horsepower and a five-speed mechanical transmission. Prices for the most expensive package of the Touring Plus hatchback will start from 917 00 rubles. The top sedan costs 10,000 rubles more. Under the hood, such a configuration is a 2-liter motor with a capacity of 150 horsepower. The unit works in tandem with a five -speed “automatic”. Naturally, the manufacturer also offers other configurations, among which everyone will be able to choose the one that will fully satisfy his needs for price, comfort and other characteristics.

What else can be said about mazda3? The machine has a very spectacular external body design, not every model can compete with competition. This applies to both sedans and hatchbacks. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is a really beautiful machine that can like both male and female audience. It is also worth noting a wide and rather spacious salon. Pretty roomy trunk is another advantage of the model. The availability of additional security options, multimedia and comfort make the car even more attractive for many Russian buyers. It is not surprising that the demand for the car remains traditionally high. For example, chairs are heated, and seats can be adjusted in height. Any modification of the machine boasts the ABS and EBD system, and more expensive versions have additionally have a stabilization system. But most importantly, the car shows itself very well in the movement. The driver feels comfortable (compared to many other models) even on unsatisfactory coating. Excellent handling and noise insulation cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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