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Audi Q3 RS

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Audi added a new high -performance Q3 RS SUV with a turbocharged engine to its production queue. Audi Q3 RS will be shown in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

The main competitor Audi Q3 RS will be a compact SUV BMW X1 from 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, and in appearance it looks a little like Nissan Kashkai, especially the front part.

Audi plans for sales Q3 RS remain unclear. But Audi representatives confirmed that the model will reach European dealerships in the third quarter of this year.

Announced in the form of a conceptual car on last year’s auto exhibition in Beijing, Q3 RS distinguishes from smaller Q3 models a series of traditional RS design elements. They include a brilliant black cellular grille of the radiator, matte frames made of aluminum in the cutouts of the grate, a deeper front bumper with large air ducts for cooling the engine and front brakes, stained in the color of the body, matte aluminum casings of external mirrors, a more prominent spoiler on the back doors, and a deeper rear bumper with a large chrome exhaust pipe. The front and rear bumper will add about 3 centimeters to the car, compared with the standard Q3.

Characteristics Audi Q3 RS

Audi Q3 RS has a turbocharged 2.A 5-liter gasoline engine with five cylinders, which is used in RS TT and recently RS3, which recently stopped producing. In Q3 RS, a transversely installed engine develops approximately 306 horsepower at 5.200 rpm along with about 310 nm of torque in the speed range between 1,500 and 5.200 rpm.

The power is supplied to the wheels through a standard seven-speed gearbox with a double clutch S-Tronic, offering three methods of movement: D (standard), S (sports) and m (manual).

Audi Q3 RS weighs 1754 kg and will accelerate to 100 km per hour in just 5.5 seconds, and the maximum speed will be limited to 248 kilometers per hour. And with the Start-Stop system, as company representatives say, the consumption will be approximately 8 liters of gasoline.

There were countless changes in the suspension, which became reduced and equipped with more rigid springs, shock absorbers and larger reptile stabilizers for improved control. Q3 RS has 19-inch standard wheels, as well as 3 different styles of 20-inch wheels, available to choose from.

Q3 RS is the fourth new RS model.

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