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The main accents of daytime makeup

by aboutweeks

Beauty for a girl or woman is self -confidence. And it is precisely this confidence that allows her to find friends, loved ones, to advance to her goal, to get a job with the salary that she dreamed about. Let this fulfill this fulfillment of desires seem too perfect and that this cannot be. In fact, this is not the case. Beautiful people are always successful – this is a fact.

The truth that they are not born beautiful, but become, has a lot of evidence. So there is no need to say that I am not so sweet and pretty and no makeup will help me – you just don’t know its secrets, do not use the right color scheme and are not even sure that you are going.

By the way, many women do not even know which makeup is appropriate during the day, which leads to predictable consequences: either skin imperfections will be highlighted, or the appearance of the lady will contribute to not envious discussions behind her.

Remember that the main accent of daytime makeup, regardless of fashion, has always been and remains expressive, not elaborate beauty. You do not need to use layers of foundation, powder, blush and make lush eyelashes and bright lips. Leave these catchy funds in a cosmetic bag for a holiday, concert, evening walks.

Know that the most difficult thing in daytime makeup is to achieve emphasized naturalness. Buy decorative cosmetics and pass the basics of daytime and evening makeup on /makiyazh. Look at the presented brands of cosmetics and tell me which of them you like. By mixing bright and pale, you can get neutral color, so experiment.

In the afternoon, a woman should look fresh and cheerful, which means that we are the first emphasis on removing skin imperfections – we mask them. It is best to apply rice powder to complete makeup – it makes the face brighter, and this is much more attractive to even the lightest shade of beige.Then pay attention to the eyes and eyebrows – use the eyeliner only in some areas, so as not to highlight them too much. Do not change the classics – black mascara and a suitable color pencil for eyebrows (you can take shadows, but a harmonious shade).

Apply several types of shadows on the eyelids-in the corner of the eye towards the bridge of the nose, slightly light shadows and slightly with brilliance. Pastel colors or a little darker are appropriate. Just do not capture for the latter – dark – an area from eyebrows to an age.

And then look at the lips – a light contour or without it without it plus a color that always suits you.

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