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The main rules for installing a vetias system in the apartment

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In order to create the most comfortable living conditions in the apartment, a variety of communication systems are required. These include water supply, heating, sewage, and ventilation. It is ventilation that provides a comfortable microclimate in the living room, and also cleanses the air of pollution, extraneous smells, and musty.

Types of ventilation systems for the apartment

Let’s look at the main types of ventilation systems that are ideal for a dwelling:

– The supply system of ventilation. Provides fresh air to the apartment. Choosing this type of ventilation system, the best to choose expensive systems that have the function of heating and cooling air.

– Exhaust ventilation system. Exhaust and musty air from the dwelling removes the exhaust type of ventilation. Is the most budgetary and affordable option.

– Combined supply and exhaust ventilation system. It is this species that is universal, as it provides both withdrawal and air flow in the apartment.

Rules for installing a ventilation system in an apartment

The installation of the ventilation system is a very difficult and responsible task. During installation, some rules should be followed:

1. Do not mount the ventilation system in the living room yourself, this is a very complex process that requires certain skills. It is better to entrust this process to specialists from special companies. So, for example, the company’s website / will provide you with quick and high -quality installation of the ventilation system.

2. The type of ventilation system is selected based on the type of room. This is a very important point that should be taken into account.

3. Before starting installation, a project must be developed, this is provided for by safety precautions.

4. Choose a company that will install ventilation responsibly. They must have a work permit, constant instructing their workers.

5. To install the ventilation system, use only high -quality and certified materials.

6. Before starting installation, it is necessary to prepare the walls, as well as bikes of the places where ventilation will take place.

7. The influx of clean and fresh air should occur at a certain speed. This is one of the most important rules. At the same time, it does not matter for which type of room the ventilation system is installed.

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