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The main rules for choosing a kitchen sink

by aboutweeks

Many people think about what washing should still be in the kitchen. There are several basic requirements to which it should comply with. If you use such recommendations, you can choose the perfect sink. Whatever option you like, it should be roomy, hardy and easy to hand.

They begin to choose a sink after decide on the style of the kitchen. Only then will everything look harmonious and beautiful. Be sure to take into account the culinary habits of the family, for example, the frequency of cooking, the features of products. We will have to determine in advance to the mixer, those objects that will be stored next to the future sink.

The main sizes

The parameters depend not only on their own preferences. In a small room, it is difficult to use a voluminous sink with several bowls. For such cases, the ideal choice will be the angular option. You can order one rectangular large sink. It is important to consider the depth of the future sink. This indicator should be somewhere average. If the bowl is deep, you will have to bend all the time, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. In the small version, it is not convenient to wash high utensils. In addition, spray from water falls on the walls or nearest furniture. The optimal solution will be the depth of 150-180 mm. On Franke-Partner/Ru/Kukhonnye-Moyki you can see decent options.

Features of the form

The choice here is practically not limited. Often buyers prefer traditional solutions: rectangular, round, square products. But modern technologies help create interesting sinks that help save space and reasonably use the existing space. Sometimes they meet on sale of sinks with triangular or oval bowls. In any case, you need to focus on convenience. You need to look, which shape is most suitable for a specific form.


It is these designs that are implemented in the store. “Smeal” sink model crashes right into the countertop. There are several ways to design a kitchen. For example, a shatter kitchen can be installed above the countertop or in another position. The overhead version of the product is installed on furniture. Usually the sink is installed on the cabinet. Pavers is suitable for those cases when kitchen sets of individual modules are used.

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