Friday, June 21, 2024
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Hyundai i10

by aboutweeks

The engineers of the South Korean company Hyundai continue to test the prototype i10. Today, our photographers-spions have tracked a new prototype, which was tested on the roads of Europe.

A car wrapped in protective camouflage received an evolutionary design that has become more sports and elegant regarding its predecessor. We can still make out some elements, such as arrow -shaped headlights, a gentle roof and expressive wings.

Our spies also said that the car seems to have received L-shaped LED daytime running lights, which are located near the fog heads.

The engine line will probably include 1.1-liter gasoline with 69 liters.With. (51 kW) and 1.2-liter with 86 liters.With. (64 kW). A 1.0-liter gas engine that develops 82 liters can also be offered.With. (61 kW).

A car that is perfect as a VIP gift for men is expected to debut at the Frankfurt car dealership.

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