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Mileage car

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Mileage car

When buying a car with a mileage, the buyer most often chooses the option of purchasing a car from an official dealer. This is due to less risks than buying an unknown private person. Programs offered by the interior of official dealers provide for the sale of not only cars of brands of mass segment, but also premium. This applies to the Lexus luxury brand.

Dealerships, as a rule, are responsible for the implementation of numerous programs, so the new owner will be glad of a brilliant car with an cleaned salon and a fresh smell "new car", even with mileage.

Do not worry about the technical component. In order to get into the Lexus Select certification program, which is designed for mileage machines, the car must comply with a number of requirements: to be imported into the state of the state only by the official distributor, not over five years old, mileage should be up to 99,999 km, have the original PTS , the geometry of the body should not be broken. The machine, without fail, undergoes a technical inspection at 136 points by specialists who are pre -trained and certified by the company "Toyota Motor LLC “. Diagnostics is filled out by the inspection sheet and a car is assessed on a 5-point scale. Thus, in the Lexus Select program, cars are only in the proper technical condition without previously made body repairs that received 4 – 5+ points after checking. Moreover, these results are always available to the buyer, and for any inaccuracies when describing the vehicle, the inspector is personal responsibility.

After checking the car, he is subjected to basic maintenance. Air and oil filters, motor oil are changing, with wear – brake pads and, if necessary, discs.

Further, according to the technology of the “Laboratory of purity”, high -quality cleaning of the car occurs, thanks to which the cleanliness of the cabin and the splendor of the body elements are restored to the effect of the “new machine”. Cleaning provides for steam processing of textile surfaces and ducts, polishing the body, disinfection of the passenger compartment by means of silver ions, which relieve allergens and unpleasant odors.

And about another advantage of buying a car under the Lexus Select program. The buyer is provided with postgraduate warranty technical support or technical support until 130,000 km is reached by a car, which no private person can provide.

Moreover, the cars purchased under this program, dealerships provide special credit offers from Lexus Financial Service, at which rates are similar to new Lexus cars and start from 9.9% per annum.

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