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Aston Martin Rapide turned into a station wagon (video)

by aboutweeks

The management of Aston Martin is in no hurry to launch universals into serial production, but Bertone experts hint at the need for this by all means. And now, the concept shown on the Geneva Automobile Exhibition is another exercise on the topic of a luxurious cargo -passenger model.

The word “concept” must be contained in quotation marks, because Aston Martin Jet 2+2 is completely ready for operation under normal conditions. Moreover, the car has already been sold in private hands. Representatives of Bertone did not hurry to the question of the cost of the novelty, limiting themselves only to short: “very expensive”. By the way, at the moment, between the British and Italians, negotiations are underway on the organization of small -scale production of the car. We clarify that in this case, we are talking about the “perestroika” already purchased by Rapide in Bertone’s workshops prepared for this. Recall that some time ago, Bertone already demonstrated the concept of Jet 2, the basis of which was the Vanquish model. True, then the company did not wait for the enthusiasm of the public.

The restyled Rapide itself (after updating it is renamed in the Rapide S) is released thanks to the angular radiator lattice, aerodynamic details of carbonate, as well as the original spoiler installed on the back of the body. Although, the main innovation is located under the hood. From now on, the 12-cylinder power plant with a 6-liter liter provides about 558 liters.With. power, which is as much as 81 liters.With. more than the predecessor. However, the torque has not increased so much – only by 20 nm.

It should be noted that in the battle for additional “horses” the company’s engineers had to work tightly with the mechanism of gas distribution of the engine and with the exhaust gas production system. We draw attention to the fact that the British are not at all embarrassed to talk about the use of a whole list of decisions from the world of vehicles – supposedly, thanks to them, they managed to get such an increase in power without significantly interference in the engine. As a result, the dynamics of the acceleration of the car to the first mark of 100 km/h – 4.7 seconds. It is also worth recalling that the update also affected the settings of the stabilization system and the algorithm for the functioning of adaptive suspension.

By the way, the serial hatchback is now more utilitarian, although it does not slightly reach a full-fledged concept universal. In the process of updating, the rear seats of the cars got the possibility of transformation, thereby freeing about 900 liters of luggage volume.

In the end, we note that Aston Martin representatives said that even if restyling affects the price of the Rapide model, this increase in cost will be insignificant.

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