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The base for varnish will reliably protect your nails

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In order for the manicure to be considered by all the rules, it is not enough just to cover the nails with varnish. Under the varnish, it is also necessary to apply the base coating. Such a coating does not necessarily be colorless, it can also be matte. In this case, the base coating gives a certain shade, for example, pink or beige. This means that such a basic coating can be used as a decorative.

It is extremely desirable to apply the base coating to the nails before they are covered with colored varnish. True, many girls simply neglect them, performing manicure on their own. And in vain.

In its ingredient composition, basic coatings are identical to ordinary lacquers, but the percentage of the content of the ingredients in the database is another. This allows the basic coating it is better to adapt to the nail plate, quickly dry, and also go more evenly.

The base under the varnish performs at least two functions:

Protects the nail from yellowing. Indeed, colored varnishes contribute to the fact that the natural color of the nails becomes very unattractive – the nails are dull and turn yellow. The basic coating helps to avoid this.

Prolongs the resistance of manicure. Color varnish will hold much better on the nails covered with a base under the varnish. This effect is provided by the formula of the base coating, contributing to a stronger clutch of the varnish from the nail plate.

In addition to these basic functions, the basic coating may have other. For example, some of them prevent the development of fungal nail infections. There are basic coatings that can align the surface of the nail. They fill unevenness and the nail plate becomes more smooth. Many basic coatings also nourish nails with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, the nails begin to grow faster, break less, do not lay. There are also basic coatings that protect the nails from ultraviolet radiation. All this means that the basic coating carries out not only decorative, but also therapeutic and protective functions.

Base for varnish

It is best to choose a basic coating produced by famous firms. In this case, there is no doubt about the reliability of the information indicated on the label. Which base to choose? Every girl must answer this question herself – it all depends on the effect that she expects from the base. In any case, the basic coating (therapeutic or strengthening) is simply not to do!

And you use the base for varnish? What brands you prefer?

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