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Indian massage

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Indian massage

Indian head massage is a cure for stress, headaches and insomnia. It helps to relax and calm down. This massage consists of massage of the shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. This is done in a sitting position and does not require preliminary preparation. This can be done anytime and anywhere.

How the Indian head massage is done?

Step 1. Preparation for Indian massage. Need to sit on a chair. You can turn on quiet music or light candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Put your hands on the shoulders of the one who will do massage. You must stand behind.

Step 2. Shoulders. Carefully press your palms on your shoulders closer to the neck, gradually moving your arms over your shoulder. And again we return to the neck and so 3 times, each time with greater strength. We move the hands around the neck, and make the circular movements along the muscles of the spine near the neck with your fingers. This should be done with your fingers in the direction from the bottom up to the hair growth line. Repeat 2 times.

Step 3. Neck massage. We put one hand on the forehead, and the other in the bottom of the neck. You need to do it gently, almost without the use of power. We massage the neck with your fingers moving from the bottom to the hair growth line. Do 5 times. Slowly, holding your hand on the hair line, lower your head down, and draw on your forehead with your other hand. Repeat 3 times.


Step 4. Head massage. Fold your hands in the shape of a roof over your head. Put your hands on your head and massage your fingers as if you were washing your head. Massage softly, do not use much strength. Slowly move your hands up, gradually reducing your fingers squeeze. Lower your hands back into the lower part of the head and again do the fingertips and in the inside of the palm of your hand. Repeat 5 times. Now put one hand on your forehead to hold your head and put your second hand on your neck. Make patons with the edge of the palm of your hand, energetically. Within 1 minute, energetically rub the scalp with the tips of the fingers of both hands, as during combing.

Step 5. Fridge massage. Put both hands on top on the forehead, move your fingers from the front to the back of the head. The movements are slow. Return on the forehead and put your hands so that your fingers touch the eyebrows and hold. Massage the forehead in circular motions.

Step 6. Completion. Complete the massage with the blows of the hand in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, with pressure.

Indian head massage helps a rush of blood to the head and relieves pain. You can do it yourself, slightly simplifying.

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