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Bandage of the stomach

by aboutweeks

Obesity of the 2nd and 3rd degree is not a cosmetic drawback that does not allow to be proud of a beautiful slender figure. This is a serious violation that has a negative effect on the work of all organs and systems, provoking the appearance of various diseases. Therefore, it requires treatment that helps to reduce weight. Today, the most effective way is the bandage of the stomach.

The purpose of this operation is to sharply reduce the amount of intake of food in the body, calories. In such a situation, fat reserves are consumed to create the necessary energy, which leads to a decrease in body weight. A bandage is installed on the stomach, which has the form of a ring. Narrow lumen does not allow hard food to immediately penetrate most of the organ cavity.

Therefore, during one reception, a person can use a little more tablespoon of food. Food irritates the receptors located in the upper zone of the stomach. They signal the brain of saturation, the appetite disappears.

Previously, during the operation, an incision was carried out for imposing a ring. Now the bandage of the stomach in Moscow, other cities are carried out using a sparing laparoscopic method. It allows you to perform only small punctures. Through them, the ring is installed under the supervision of the operation on the computer monitor.

Creating the optimal lumen allows you to adjust, which is carried out two months after installing the bandage. To do this, in the subcutaneous layer, when bandaging, a port is placed, which is connected by a thin tube with a ring. A salt solution is introduced into it with a syringe in the amount of five milliliters. The liquid narrows the bandage, which slows down the process of transition of food to most of the stomach. Sometimes to create the perfect lumen requires several adjustments.

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