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Piling with fruit acids

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Piling with fruit acids

Modern medicine and cosmetology have shown that drugs containing fruit acids improve dry and prone to wrinkles and treat many skin diseases.

The most popular and often used in cosmetics, fruit acids include glycolic acid, wine, milk, apple and citric acid. These compounds are found in nature and not only in various fruits, but also in vegetables, sugarcane and sour milk.

Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, women in France used old wine for washing their faces, after which the skin became lighter, more velvety. Many skin problems are associated with the keratinization of the epidermis. Fruit acids help in the removal of accumulated skin layers. Peeling effect ups cells. This leads to stimulation of the production of collagen and elastan, which is especially important for mature skin.

Studies confirmed that after the repeated use of peeling fruit acids, the activity of the fibroblasts (cells responsible for the production of collagen) occurs, which contributes to better hydration.

Pilling with acids

Beliginal peeling with fruit acids:

Fruitic acids whiten pigment spots. A delicate scrub with fruit acids normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands. In cosmetics, as a rule, for daily care, it is better to use a mixture of several different fruit acids to ensure an integrated approach. It should be noted that peeling with fruit acids does not replace regular skin care. You need to use them correctly so as not to cause allergies. In cases where you yourself use them, you need to mix with other components or creams.

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