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Initiative in the relationship of men and women

by aboutweeks

How the time was a man, this is a knight who should seek the hands of his princess, and be prepared for everything. It is a pity that today is not the Middle Age and there have long been no knights on white horses who were ready to fight for their own and even could give their lives for beautiful ladies.

Today everything has changed so much that it should not be surprised that the woman herself shows the initiative in relations all the more so if she really liked the man and she is not going to miss him.

The initiative in the relationship of a man and a woman is considered simultaneously from several parties, that is, there will be many opinions that the initiative should manifest on the part of the man, there will also be many controversial questions that there is no difference who exactly took the first step.

Even if you liked the man at first glance, he hopes for the same answer from the man, because everyone has different tastes and maybe your man likes a completely different type of women. Also, you should not expect too much in response from a man, because from increased attention, many men “lose” their heads and try to remain unnoticed, not knowing what to do. All of what was said if it is also easily relate to women who are not used to increased attention.

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