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DIY muffler

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At the moment, the markets of car spare parts are most often taken by quantity, but by no means quality. The most often breaking is the main muffler. The reason is quite simple: with the constant operation of the car on the muffler, excessive condensate accumulates, which can lead to the destruction of the metal and, as a result, the burning of this part of the car. The muffler bought for the unfortunate thousand at best will last a year, and then if not less. The most commonly destroying place is the site where the pipe enters the device. There are a large number of reasons for this – poor -quality welding or during welding of parts there is a “vacation” of metal, but this does not change the overall picture. But what to do in a situation where there is no money to buy a new muffler? In such cases, it is possible to make a muffler with your own hands yourself, and from improvised means.

Repair of a muffler


– Powder fire extinguisher

– Two pieces of pipe with a diameter of 32 millimeters

– separate parts from a broken muffler

– electric welding with electrodes with a diameter of 1.5 – 2.5 millimeters

– cutting machine and metal circle

The process of manufacturing a muffler

A large amount of information in the World Wide Web does not guarantee an accurate description of the muffler device. To do this, you will have to make out the old one and study it along and across.

A fire extinguisher must be taken either a living period, or the one who has expired the expiration date. Pour the entire powder out of the part. After that, you should unscrew the head and increase the central hole to the size of a piece of the pipe that will serve the exit service. In such a place, the metal is more durable, which allows you to work with electric welding without fear of destroying the pipe. For high -quality work, it is necessary to draw pipe segments before the start of work: to open the pipes and mark the places where the weld will be located. The length of the pieces of pipes should be such that they can close each other inside 20 centimeters.

We move the hole for the input piece of the pipe in relation to the center. In this position, the pipe will not shift due to the fact that it will fall into the wall of the cylinder. We place the cylinder horizontally and during the welding process we turn it so that the drops of the metal do not flow down and do not freeze on it. At the ends of each of the two pipes, we make several cracks located in a checkerboard pattern using the machine. We try to treat the input pipe carefully, in order not to burn the metal metal metal. Choose the length of the exhaust pipe to your taste. The ideal size of the muffler is already selecting during operation.

After that, from the old silencer using a machine, we cut off the mounts of the mounts, and we remove them, along with the metal. This method will give greater strength with further work with electric welding. After that, we adjust the resulting model to the car and mark the places where the mounts should be located. After that, we cut off the curved part of the old muffler and temporarily replace it with the middle part. Using mounts, we fix the new design to the car, while trying to place it so that it does not hurt the car body.

After that, we check the entire structure again: fill it with water and monitor the absence/presence of leaks. After that, drain the liquid and put the muffler vertically in order to get rid of water residues. To paint the muffler, clean all the places and remove the rust. The paint needs to be selected so that it can withstand high temperatures and suitable for staining metal. After drying, you can fix the silencer to the car.

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