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From hand to hand with a mileage

by aboutweeks

More recently, information has appeared about a bill prohibiting the sale of used cars, private individuals. The essence of the law is to sell cars through a car dealership. Accelerating the process of design and all kinds of vehicle checks. But while this law has not been adopted, the acquisition of vehicles from private car owners remains for many only affordable.

What you need to know when making a purchase of a car with a mileage, so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters or an unscrupulous owner. Find out about the condition of the car without going to the place, you can first call the seller by phone. An honest person will not hide the truth from the buyer. In preliminary communication, you can ask VIN of the Transport Code, which will be required to verify the electronic database.

In most cases, the cost of a car is a decisive factor when making a sale transaction. In everyday life, there is an opinion that the car in perfect condition can not cost cheap. Most used models have their drawbacks, so the price will most often be acceptable. Only elite cars of cars over the years do not become cheaper.

Checking the technical condition of the machine will reveal all the shortcomings. The inspection of the car must be treated with responsibility in order not to miss, not a single important part. In case of serious damage, curvature of the body, and other detected shortcomings, you can ask the seller to reduce the price or completely abandon the offer. When examining, it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of the bottom of the car.

During the inspection, the owner will ask the owner if the car was in an accident, the honest owner will not hide this fact. In the case when the seller was silent about this incident, this can be identified using a magnet by leaning it against a suspicious area. If the magnet does not hold on, then most likely the damaged section of the case of the car’s body was simply covered with a thick layer of putty.

Buying a car with mileage is beneficial for ten years, you need to be prepared that it has been repeatedly subjected to various weather conditions, this naturally affects its condition.

If the inspection reveals the external state of the machine, then the test drive will reveal the performance of all mechanisms. In a good car, the systems should be launched immediately after starting the engine, the engine is started from the keyboards, the speeds are translated without jerking. The steering wheel should not have a backlash exceeding the norm. The brake system should not fail in a critical situation.

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