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Piling at home

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Piling at home

Pilling at home in English means “cleansing from crust”. The peeling or purification procedure is carried out using exfoliating creams and scrubs based on natural or artificial forms.

Tiny particles of facilities (shells of nuts, apricot bones, salt, coffee, sugar, etc.) Gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin of the stuck pollution and dead particles, instantly improving the complexion and giving the skin the perfect smoothness. However, remember that if you have beautiful patterns on nails, then peeling particles can damage the pattern.

Piling at home:

If you decide to carry out the peeling procedure at home, it must be borne in mind that for sensitive, dry skin, exfoliation is carried out no more than once every 10 days. Normal and combined skin can be treated with peeling once a week. Oily, non-read skin should be cleansed once or twice a week.

In cosmetic stores, you will be offered a huge number of scrubs of different manufacturers to choose from a choice. When buying an exfoliating agent, choose a scrub from the same line as your usual cosmetics.

For sensitive and dry skin, it is necessary to choose a delicate scrub on a cream or wax base. All the variety of store cosmetics can be successfully replaced with home remedies. Pilling at home is especially useful for home recipes for sensitive skin, which is acutely responding to synthetic additives in factory cosmetics with allergic reactions.

To carry out the peeling procedure at home, the face is thoroughly cleaned with a neutral gel or foam and washed with warm water. Bold or combined skin can be additionally steamed over a steam bath, which will soften the skin and increase the sweating. A little means are applied to the face and gently massaged in circular movements for 3-4 minutes. After the procedure, the product is washed off with water and tone the skin.


You can make a scrub from coffee grounds or sugar, ground oatmeal or sugary honey. Choose from the recipes the one that is suitable for you.

Peeling recipes at home:

Bottom scrub and ground coffee. Mix the sleeping thick coffee with a non -fat cottage cheese, grunted through a sieve and gently massage the skin. Washed this scrub with warm water.

Cream scrub. Mix a tablespoon of fat cream and a tablespoon of sugar-sand. Beautiful scrub for dry skin, nutritious and smoothing small wrinkles.

Carrot scrub. Prepare fresh carrot juice and ground oatmeal. Mix until the gruel is obtained. This scrub perfectly refreshes and improves complexion.

Rice scrub. Mix a handful of ground rice with a tablespoon of a sieve of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of olive oil until a homogeneous mass. This scrub is perfect for combined and normal skin.

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