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Jaguar F Type in the coupe

by aboutweeks

Most people believe that a sports car must first be in the coupe, and only then a relative oriented to those who want to feel the wind.

But since Jaguar was forced to pay tribute to the sign E-Type, F-Type entered the market first in the body of Roadster.

Since we first saw in front of our eyes the amazing C-X16 concept car, we had no doubt that the F-Type compartment would look amazing. Obviously, a plumber in Krasnoyarsk will want to buy such a car.

Now we can confidently declare that the version of the sports car with a tough top is close as once. Today, our photographers-spions have tracked the first test prototype. Engineers tried to disguise the novelty under the class, but we have no doubt that this is a compartment.

Jaguar will offer the same set of power units as the version without a roof. This means that we are waiting for a 3.0-liter boost V6, which issues 340 liters.With. and 380 l.With., as well as the boost of V8, which produces 495 liters.With. Later, a version of a car with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged unit will also be proposed.

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