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Facial peeling at home

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Facial peeling at home

Facial peeling is a procedure for cleansing the skin with a scrub. Gently exfoliating the dead particles of the skin, absorbing dust, dirt and fat, cleansing pores, the scrub will help you instantly improve the complexion and reduce the number of gums.

How to do faces at home?

When conducting facial peeling at home regularly – twice in a week, you will smooth out small wrinkles, increase the skin tone, get a radiant, fresh face tone. It is best to carry out the face peeling procedure in the evening. For peeling, the skin needs to be prepared – thoroughly cleaned with a soap gel or foam and slightly steam. The exfoliating agent is applied to wet skin, gently massaging the face along the massage lines of the fingertips for several minutes, paying attention to the wings of the nose. After massage, the product is washed off with warm water and the last rinsing is made with cool water to narrow the pores.

In order to pile faces at home, it is not necessary to use expensive ready -made scrubs. You can easily prepare an effective scrub yourself. Having prepared your own scrub, you will be sure that it does not contain allergens or preservatives, chemical additives or synthetics. Select your scrub recipe for your skin type.

Piling recipes at home:

Facial peeling with olive oil and sugar. This scrub is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, since olive oil nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin, and sugar gently and gently exfoliates the surface of the skin. Apply a thin layer of olive oil on your face and, constantly dipping your fingers into sugar, gently massage your face with your fingertips. Based on sugar, you can prepare many scrubs by mixing sugar and yogurt, sour cream, any vegetable oil or yolk. By the way, such a scrub can also be used for anti -cellulite massage.

Piling of face with coffee and rice. Coffee scrub is an ideal exfoliating agent for oily, combined and sluggish skin. Natural coffee will return the tone tone and freshness, reduce excess fat for fat and combined. To prepare this scrub, take a spoonful of ground coffee and mix with a spoonful of ground rice, add two spoons of kefir and a couple of drops of chamomile oil or wheat germ.

Facial peeling

Facial peeling at home with oatmeal and cucumber. This scrub is perfect for any type of skin. The cucumber moisturizes the skin, and oatmeal will gently clean. Grind fresh cucumber in a blender with a peel, add a spoonful of ground oatmeal to the mashed potatoes. With a prone to dry and sensitive skin, a drop of pink oil can be added to this scrub, and with oily and problematic – slightly kitchen small salt.

Facial peeling at home with clay and nuts. To prepare a drying scrub for very oily skin, it is necessary to grind the walnut core, mix the nut with a spoon of white clay and add a decoction of chamomile to the mass. With rough skin, a ground egg shell can be added to this scrub, with a combined – ground oatmeal.

Facial peeling with citrus fruits. Citrus scrub has a high tonic quality and therefore is perfect for stitching and oily skin. Dry the peel of any citrus fruits and grind it in a coffee grinder. You can simply massage the wet face with zest flour or mix ground zest with yogurt.

All these recipes for peeling faces at home consist of simple, and most importantly natural products. Try and the result will certainly please you – the face will become smooth and fresh, the skin is delicate and velvety.

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