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Audi R8 4 2 Car Description

by aboutweeks

If someone lacks a worthy motor, then as at the expense of V12 with a capacity of 2000 horsepower with a working volume of 36 liters: four valves per cylinder, mechanical supercharger, dry crankcase, direct injection. The mass is 730 kg, and the length is 2.3 meters, but the excellent fuel work with an octane number 87. Torque reaches at least 3200 n/m. An impressive design was built for Messerschmitt-BF109G back in 1944. However, this is so – for reference.

Modern supercar distinguishes not only gigantic power, but also absolute control with reliability, comfort, ease of management and reasonable value. After all, rich magnats will simply not be enough for all manufacturers. Of course, such a car cannot be prohibitively cheap, but the price at the level of a representative copy is a rational ceiling. In this case, the technical parameters should be distinguished by something serious. At the present time, they reach a maximum speed of over 300 km/h and acceleration to hundreds in less than five seconds. The central location of the motor and all -wheel drive are still desirable, which fully corresponds to the “Audi R8” model. The car is so popular that even children love it who prefer to paint Audi R8 than any other car. You can print coloring pages for children of this car on Nosorog-Avto

A sharp and soft taste is guaranteed if you go along a thin line between a comfortable civilian machine and an uncompromising racing car. Before the suburban Audi Autoban should be checked on a dirt road, thereby making a crazy comparison with the older brother Q7. After fifteen minutes, at the wheel, an understanding comes that all the existing arsenal lacks the dentistry stiffness of the chassis. While in the movement in a sports car, you can usually feel some coin lying on the asphalt, and here are stones everywhere with cracks and joints. It is only audible how 19-inch wheels with a 35 percent profile in front and 30% are displeased with displeasure in relief irregularities, while not giving a hint of body rolls. Having produced only one movement of small diameter steering – and the machine follows the trajectory drawn by the imagination. Possessing such a comfortable suspension, there should be departments and delay, which are simply not observed.

So, the third gear, an accelerator in the floor – and hundreds of five meters of length disappear before our eyes. Then there is a track with an excess and waves. It would be necessary to slow down here, but late: “Audi R8” tightly copies the profile of the canvas without tearing off the wheels. At the same time, the stretched seat belt gives a signal that the bodies no longer touches the chair. Of course, there is no talk of a breakdown of the chassis, since the shock absorbers generously filled with liquid “pressed” into hundredths of seconds.

The time has come for the sports regime. Everything falls into place with him: the small cracks in the asphalt reminded themselves of the screeching pillows of the seat and buzzing tires. There is a defiant difference in the settings, which allows you to fasten racing sensations in full.

The automatic transmission R-Tronic differs in speed and remarkably works out the bitterings in sports mode when switching to a reduced gear. However, this unit does not allow to know the relics of the champion motor in all its outrages. Mechanics is able to stretch the car in the sixth gear already from 1000 rpm and in a matter of moment to spin up to 8 thousand.

Here the matter is not at all over the overclocking to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and engine power in 420 horsepower. After all, in many sedans of the representative class under the hood, many more forces more. The power of “R8” consists in the record simplicity of driving a rather powerful machine.

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