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Minimalism style interior

by aboutweeks

Minimalism is not just a style, it is rather a way of life, a pronounced attitude towards it. Minimalism in the interior of apartments has not gone out of fashion for a long time, only sometimes, giving way to the leading position of the classics, but invariably returning again. And this is quite natural for the frantic rhythm of modernity, where practicality and functionality play the main role. Moreover, the minimalist style of the interior is the best solution for small -sized apartments, where any clutter not only looks superfluous, but also elementarily interferes with the comfort of moving around the apartment. Also, do not think about how to choose an interior door, in the noble rooms you can make arch doors.

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing easier than creating an interior in a minimalist style – I removed all the extra from the house, and ready. However, it is in the simplicity of design that any inaccuracies and flaws are more noticeable. Therefore, the interior in the style of minimalism requires a great taste from the designer, a sense of proportion and creative approach.

Today, the interior in the style of minimalism is characterized as a modeling of the premises with a limitation in the number of colors and objects, where the main principle is convenience and functionality.

In addition, the fast pace of modern life gives rise to a craving for a calm, peaceful interior, in which it is much better to relax and work, since nothing superfluous will be distracted from classes.

The interior in the style of minimalism is devoid of excess jewelry and small details. He strives for the severity of geometric shapes and conciseness of the color scheme.

It is best to give preference to pastel light shades of furniture and wallpaper. This will make the room lighter and fresh.

As for the furniture, the cabinets are best preferred by shelves that occupy much less space and at the same time contain everything necessary. It is better to choose environmentally friendly traditional furniture materials, such as glass, wood, metal. Up furniture should not have rounded shapes, all angles are sharp, the design is as simple as possible.

Parquet or laminate with a color under a natural tree is good as a floor covering.

However, preferring minimalism in the interior, you should first determine which of the rooms it will be appropriate. For example, for a nursery, such a style will be ascetic and bored through a chur.

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